A bedtime prayer

Today is done, and will not come again. I appreciated today.
I enjoyed spiritual fellowship today, I enjoyed rest and good food. Thank you for those things.*
I cared for myself, I sought out inspiration,
I made time to meditate. I am glad of these things.
I lost my temper today, I argued today, I thought unfair thoughts today. I will bear these in mind and put my energy into improving myself, not punishing myself.

A friend’s colleague faced surgery today. May he be safe, well and happy.
A friend got a job interview today. May I rejoice in his good fortune.

Today is done, and will not come again.
Whatever I did, whatever occurred, it is done. May I let it go, happy or sad.
May I face tomorrow anew, with fresh eyes and refreshed intention.

Whatever worries I have, may I offer them into greater hands than mine.
Today is done, but tomorrow is not yet here.

*Put in your own true noteworthy experiences here. I put mine in for a bit of authenticity.

Each line is a slightly different contemplative practice: cultivating appreciation, loving kindness, equanimity, gratitude, sympathetic joy, the bliss of blamelessness, compassion, awareness of impermanence, awareness of not-self, setting of intention. It focuses on others as well as oneself. It’s also an example of constructive reflection, giving oneself permission to relax, parking anxieties, and cultivating positive emotions and self-esteem.